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IoT security in modern access control systems

Secure device software updates with control and flexibility


Protect devices with the right people deploying the right software to the right devices

The right access control and authentication frameworks enable companies to identify IoT devices, isolate compromised nodes, ensure the integrity of data, and authenticate users and authorize different levels of data access. Mender’s security-by-design principle focuses on three pillars of trust that look to protect people, devices and software to ensure software updates are protected against any potential attacks during the update process.

Key business priorities


Flexibility and control


Enhancing security


Operational efficiency

How Mender delivers on priorities

Customize software installations

For more flexibility and control over your deployments with state scripts, update modules and integration with CI/CD infrastructure.


Enhance security

With role-based access control to limit user accessibility in deploying updates in application sensitive cases such as autonomous access control platforms.


Increase productivity

By reducing labor intensive tasks and using automated software update management capabilities.


What our customers have to say about Mender Enterprise


I like Mender because we can customize the update process on both the device and server sides. It gives us control and flexibility to match our specific workflow needs.

Bjørn T. Nostdahl, Chief Innovation and Product Officer (CIPO)
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