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  • boundary devices
  • F&S Elektronik Systeme
  • konsulko
  • linutronix
  • ms-control
  • scalys
  • Solid Run
  • Sotec
  • Togan labs

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  • “Boats do not have constant GSM coverage, and Mender allows us to automatically update our core software when a boat reaches GSM coverage.”

    Géza Kovacs, Ather

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  • “The Mender UI is very easy to use to do OTA updates. The learning is quite easy for less technical people who actually do these updates. We don’t have to explain the technical details of how the Mender interface works.”

    Sanjay KV, Ather

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  • “You have to stick around, Mender is mission critical to our business.”

    Jen Seim, BenchSentry

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  • “We did look at a couple of competitors and Mender in terms of features, robustness, security and cost together made it an easy solution for us to choose.”

    Sandy Anuras, Blokable

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  • “Atomic updates with built-in rollback is a key requirement. We need to make sure our devices continue to work with automated rollback if the update didn’t take for any reason. Mender provided that crucial capability.”

    Joel Hermanns, GridX

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  • “We tried a number of OTA tools and Mender was by far the easiest to integrate into our board. The Mender community was also very active which eased our concerns around support for this new product we are deploying.”

    Steven Osborn, IOTAS

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  • “Deploying software updates can induce a good amount of unease. With Mender, we can now confidently deploy OTA as security and reliability are central and not an afterthought.”

    Jason Litzinger, Kinestral

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