Secure device updates using Mender and Azure IoT Hub

A simple and secure way to automatically connect devices between Mender and Azure IoT Hub for deploying software updates and sending application telemetry.

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Mender and Azure IoT Hub together

Combined these services provide you with secure device software lifecycle management through a single pane of glass.

  • Mender server automatically synchronizes devices to Azure IoT Hub
  • No need to manage device registrations in multiple places. Once registered in Mender, it is also registered with the Azure IoT Hub service
  • A single user interface to look up and control information about a device and its application

Benefits of using Mender with Azure IoT Hub

Increased productivity by automatically making devices ready-to-use in both services

Reduced user complexity of managing credentials on devices

Stronger security by minimizing device-side credentials that need to be protected

Correlated analytics from Azure with past software deployments from the Mender server

Easily and efficiently access all device information in one interface, including Azure Device Twin and authentication status

Azure Device Twins in the Mender UI

You can manage Azure Device Twins directly in the Mender UI (and APIs). The Mender server synchronizes the Device Twin to Azure IoT Hub and from there it is delivered to the device.

When you have support cases or issues with devices, there is no longer any need to look up information from different sources – which will save valuable operational and debugging time.

azure device twin screenshot

Azure IoT Hub Device Twin configuration in the Mender UI

Azure tutorial video
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Watch the video to see how to manage applications with Azure Device Twins in Mender.

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Adding a device to Mender automatically creates it in Azure IoT Hub:

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Learn how the integration works

We provide several resources to help you learn how to integrate Mender and Azure IoT Hub

How to get started:

Take a look at our tutorial for provisioning devices:

Azure tutorial video
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Video: Connect your devices managed with to Azure IoT

Azure video
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In this IoT Show video we talk about how to provision and connect devices managed by Mender to Azure IoT Hub.

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