Mender partner

Secure and robust over-the-air updates for the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform

Mender makes it easy for NVIDIA® Jetson™ developers to securely, reliably, and efficiently update all device software – straight out of the box.


Benefits of using Mender with NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Support all types of updates

Mender supports all types of device software updating, including customized updating.

Plans and features

Open source

Open source with community support for various Jetson family of hardware on Mender Hub.

No lock-in

No lock-in to any specific cloud infrastructure, operating system or development tools.

Device lifecycle management

Add-ons provide monitoring and troubleshooting features to support full device lifecycle management.

NVIDIA Jetson integration

Update all software components with Mender


Operating system updates with full A/B symmetric image partitioning

Low level bootloader, kernel, and root filesystem that enables the underlying operating system software capabilities.

  • Robust - Rolls back to the previous version in case of a failed update
  • Atomic - Installed completely or not at all (no half installations)

For a “brick-free” and redundant update process, the A/B operating system update is the most robust and safe update mechanism.

Application updates

Docker containers, package, files and directories higher in the software stack that deals with user experience and device functionality.

  • Allows for fast, frequent, and targeted updates (much smaller file sizes)
  • Greater flexibility in update type (file, package, container)
  • Much less data transfer per update than operating system update

For frequent updates in situations where issues like network data transfer costs are a concern, application updates offer the most efficient way to update.

Boards supported with L4T – NVIDIA's official OS distribution

Mender integration works on all NVIDIA Jetson systems on modules (SOM) that support the official L4T (Ubuntu) operating system, running JetPack 4.6 or later.

Jetson TX1 and Nano boards are compatible with application updates using Mender Update Modules only, when used with the standard Nvidia software stack. Please note if you use Yocto, Debian or any other operating system of your choice, Mender's A/B operating system updates will of course work.

Jetson Xavier NX
Jetson AGX Xavier series
Jetson TX2 series