Mender partner

Managing advanced AI-based applications using Mender and Unikie

Mender enables Unikie to deliver holistic security measures and constant software upgrades of connected smart devices in real-time decision-making applications.

Our partnership

Access the expertise of Unikie and Mender

Unikie develops intelligent, real-time decision-making applications for vehicles, cars, and manufacturing. Its technology connects sensor data with steering and decision-making applications based on constant awareness over secure connections.

Mender and Unikie partner so that enterprises can get access to the services and solutions expertise they require.



  • User experience (UX)
  • Business applications
  • Enterprise data
  • Human machine interfaces (HMIs)
  • Embedded applications
  • Sensor data (fusion)

Benefits of using Mender and Unikie

Domain expertise

Unikie has specific domain expertise for autonomous mobilityedge AI & real-time data, and secure communications.

Robust and secure

Mender ensures reliability and security across the provisioning and deployment of software updates.

Device lifecycle management

Add-ons provide monitoring, troubleshooting and configuration management for Mender-enabled devices.

Unikie's advanced solutions

Beeding edge solutions for domain-specific challenges, such as Unikie Smart Space


Closed industrial spaces, such as airports, industrial yards, mines, and warehouses, face constant issues with a lack of visibility on the location and status of machines, vehicles, and cargo. A lack of real-time visibility creates inefficiencies in daily operations, short-term planning, and long-term strategy.



Unikie Smart Space – a solution for fully autonomous operations – utilizes machine learning, machine vision, sensor fusion, and digital twin technologies. Smart Space creates an environment with constant awareness, which can be further augmented into an autonomous ecosystem. Processes and operations are actively monitored to create real-time situational awareness. Constantly updated with new data and supported by machine learning-based predictive capabilities, Smart Space enables operations to take the right actions, at the right time.


Unikie’s autonomous vehicle marshaling solution in action


Within a Unikie Smart Space, vehicles can easily be moved without requiring drivers. Autonomous operations reduce costs, improve safety, and optimize assets.

Watch the showcase video demonstrating Unikie Smart Spaces.