Mender has four tiers: Open Source, Mender Starter,
Mender Professional and Mender Enterprise.

The core features are available on every tier.

A full comparison of features & support for each product tier:


Open Source




Management server

Device grouping

Quick device filtering

Rest APIs

Standalone mode

Device filtering

Robust delta updates

Scheduled deployments

Automatic retry of deployments

Phased rollouts

Multi tenancy

Production-ready server configuration

Configured for scaling

Customized infrastructure

On-premise server

Secure hosted server


Update modules

Custom state scripting

Customized install and update process


Support for system, file, application, container and package updates

Mender as Debian package

Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone reference board

Yocto integration

Support for common storage types: eMMC, SD card, raw NAND/NOR flash

Robustness & Security

Automated rootfs rollback

Full image updates

Secure TLS communication

Code signing verification

Integrity checksum to avoid corruption

Two factor authentication


Community forum at Mender Hub

Professional technical support

SLA-backed support

Training for Mender server operations

Mender Open Source

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Mender Professional

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Mender Enterprise

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Video: Large Scale Software Update Management and Deployment with Mender Enterprise

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Mender Enterprise: Customized for fine-grained updates and large-scale deployments

An overview of the supported version of Mender for enterprise.


Mender Professional: a secure, up-to-date hosted management server

The advantages of using a hosted updated management server for your IoT updates.


Requirements Checklist for OTA Updates

A guide to the requirements of secure OTA updates and risks of not implementing them.