Board support

Mender currently supports Linux-based devices that use U-Boot and provides a meta layer for the Yocto Project for easy integration with Yocto-based distributions. See the documentation on system requirements for more information.

We are planning to support more Linux distributions, boot loaders and other platforms in the future upon demand from the users of Mender.

Professional integration of the Mender client

For easy testing, Mender supports two reference devices; the BeagleBone Black and a virtual device. Production devices require some integration to enable them for OTA and Mender.

To save you time, we provide professional services for supporting your board and Yocto Project environment, including:

  • U-Boot patching
  • Building u-boot-fw-utils correctly
  • Design of the device partition layout
  • Support your Yocto Project version, e.g. jethro, krogoth or morty

Integrating Mender into a recent evironment typically costs $4000 - $6,000, depending on the version of U-Boot, Yocto Project and the board used.

Please contact us for an estimate to support your board.