Mender has four tiers: Open Source, Mender Basic,
Mender Professional and Mender Enterprise.

The core features are available on every tier.

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A full comparison of features & support for each product tier:


Open Source




Management server

Manage remote deployments across a fleet of devices.

Management UI

Manage your devices, software and deployments with a user-friendly UI and dashboard.

Device grouping

Group devices by customer, test/production, geography or anything else.

Device tags

Reduces the cost and time to maintain device information, while ensuring you have up-to-date source of truth about your devices in a single place.

Device name

Easily recognize devices in the UI.

Quick device filtering

Quickly and easily filter devices by attribute.

Device sorting

Find devices with similar attributes.

Device search

Easily find a device in the Mender web interface.

Customizable columns

Choose to display the device attributes most relevant for you in the Mender web interface.

Rest APIs

Easily integrate Mender with CI/CD, ERP and custom UIs with standards-based HTTP REST APIs with JWT authentication.

Standalone mode

Use Mender without the server – deployments can be triggered at the device, either manually in the terminal or by custom scripts, in order to support devices without connectivity.

Advanced device filtering

Create advanced filters to find a set of devices using multiple device attributes and operators.

Regex device filtering

Unlimited device filtering, regardless of scale and complexity.

Software version distribution

View software distribution across your device groups in the GUI dashboard.

Robust delta updates

Lower network traffic using a binary delta between two rootfs-image Artifacts, and deploy this delta supporting atomic update, integrity checks, rollback and signature verification. Watch the video

Automatic assignment of delta updates

The Mender server automatically assigns the correct delta update to any given device, based on the software release the device is currently running.

Server-side generation of delta updates

The Mender server automatically generates the delta artifacts for operating system updates based on the software release the device is running and the target version.

Customizable delta updates

Enable smaller delta sizes by using customized parameters.

Scheduled deployments

Schedule a software update deployment to start at a specific date and time in the future.

Automatic retry of deployments

The server will automatically retry the deployment on devices where it fails, for a predefined amount of times.

Phased rollouts

Eliminate large-scale failures by dividing a deployment into time-delayed phases, with each phase containing a share of the devices to be updated.

Dynamic groups and deployments

Easily group your devices by attributes. Automatically deploy your software to the devices that need it, and enable devices to receive updates on first boot.

Synchronized updates

Ensures consistency of software versions across device fleet.

SAML-based Federated Authentication

Integrate Mender with your Identity Provider (IdP) and enable Federated Single Sign-On (SSO) for your users.

Multi tenancy

Create multiple Organizations (aka tenants), which act as separate environments on a single Mender server, both for users and devices.

Production-ready server configuration

Accessible and configured server, secure by default (such as TLS enabled) with parameters tuned for scale (e.g. polling intervals).

Configured for scaling

A hosted service that scales automatically with your needs.

On-premise server *

Run the Mender server in your own infrastructure, such as your data center or existing cloud vendor and customize the server configuration (e.g. access control).

(* optional for Enterprise, at additional cost)

Secure hosted server

Use a server managed and supported by Mender to save time and avoid worrying about its security or scalability.

Regional Artifact storage *

Choose the location for storing Mender Artifacts. If your devices are located mostly in one region of the world, you can choose a storage location closest to this region - this will ensure faster software updates to your devices.

(* available at additional cost)

Support for AWS S3 Transfer
Acceleration *

Faster downloads of artifacts from devices across the globe.

(* available at additional cost)

Data localization

We can guarantee that your data is processed and stored only within the European region.

Mender Gateway

Deployments in segregated networks

Remotely update software and gain visibility and control of co-located devices that don't have direct internet access.

One-time Artifact download

Cache only once to local storage on the gateway and deploy to co-located devices.


Update modules

An extension to the Mender client for supporting a new type of software update such as a package manager, container or bootloader.

Custom state scripting

Ability to run pre- and post-install scripts during update process and between any state transition, not just the install state (e.g. checks after update is installed).


Support for all types of software

Out-of-the-box support for system, file, application, container and package updates with existing Update Modules.

Mender as Debian package

Mender is easy to install and use for application-based updates, with support for ARMv6 and Debian family OSes e.g. Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian.

Raspberry Pi reference integration

Mender is fully integrated for system and application-level updates with a ready-to-flash Raspbian image.

Yocto integration

Integrate the meta-mender layer into your build to install and configure the Mender client.

Support for common storage types: eMMC, SD card, raw NAND/NOR flash

Robustness & Security

Automated rollback

Built-in dual A/B root operating system updates which automatically roll back to the previous system version on any failure, and support for rollback in all types of updates with Update Modules.

Full image updates

Ensure consistent software across your device fleet.

Secure TLS communication

Client, server and management REST APIs only use TLS with secure configuration, all communication is authenticated and encrypted.

Code signing verification

End-to-end signatures with verification on the client and signing can be done in access-restricted and offline environments.

Integrity checksum to avoid corruption

End-to-end checksum verification on client and creation when Mender Artifact is built.

Hardware security for device authentication

Ensures OTA update process is secured by leveraging cryptography operations on device.

Elliptic curve cryptography support for device authentication

Keys can be much shorter and achieve the same level of security.

Two factor authentication

Extra layer of protection for user authentication with OTP-compatible app like Authly and Google Authenticator.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Restrict unnecessary network access based on user's roles within an organization – allowing enhanced compliance, reduced costs and decreased risk of breaches and data leakage.

Mutual TLS for device authentication *

Leverage existing device certificates to authenticate against the Mender server.

(* available at additional cost)

Audit logs

Improve security, compliance and accountability by logging important events that can later be analyzed in case of security or operational incidents.


Integrate with Azure IoT Hub

Automatically connect devices between Mender and Azure IoT Hub for deploying software updates and sending application telemetry. Learn more

Integrate with AWS IoT Core

Mender can provision devices to your AWS IoT Core instance, so your device applications are ready to send and receive data to and from the AWS services - avoiding the hassle of certificate and key pair generation and management for your AWS IoT applications.


Send data from Mender to third-party systems - making it possible to notify external applications about device lifecycle events.

Personal Access Tokens

Personal Access Tokens are long-lived JWT tokens that you can generate to programmatically access the Mender management APIs, for example by CI/CD pipelines or scheduled jobs.


Community forum at Mender Hub

Community of dedicated users with a fast-growing number of boards and operating systems.

Consulting and technical support

We provide deep expertise specializing in the implementation of OTA update management.

SLA-backed support

Expert support with guaranteed response times.

Training for Mender server operations *

(* available at additional cost)

Add-on packages are also available for each product tier, at an additional cost:



Open Source




Configuration UI

Define a set of key-value attributes to configure a device to your needs.


Track applied configuration as reported by the device.


Define exactly how any given configuration is applied to a device.

Role-based access control

Limit which users can configure devices.

Audit log

See history of configuration settings applied on each device and by whom.



Service and application monitoring

Get instant feedback of disrupted services.

Log monitoring

Monitor system-wide issues (e.g. connectivity to peripheral devices).

Log collection on Alert

See relevant log lines of triggered Alerts.

Edge processing of Alerts

Get instant notification of key parameters.

D-Bus signal monitoring

Detect issues emitted by applications sending D-Bus signals.

Email Alert notifications

Get instant notification of local actions delivered to your email.

RBAC for Monitor access

Limit which users can access Monitor data and alerts.



Remote terminal

Secure real-time access to devices to quickly diagnose and fix issues. Watch the video

File transfer

Copy files to and from devices, to do deep analysis or quick updates.

Port forward

Forward a port to/via the device to test and connect to services.

Remote terminal session log

Replay the complete terminal session.

Remote terminal audit log

See who connected to devices and when.

Role-based access control

Limit which users can connect with given groups of devices.

Choose the plan that's right for your fleet of connected devices


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