Customize your device fleet

Seamlessly configure applications with Mender Configure add-on package

Remotely customize devices

Configure UI

  • Enhanced security for enterprise device fleets with Role Based Access Control and Audit Logs
    • Protect device configurations by choosing which users can configure which devices, and see when configurations have been applied by whom
  • Pre-configure devices or quickly and easily change configuration to save time

Configuration reporting

  • Track the status of configuration deployments
    • Direct visibility to the existing configuration state of devices
    • Quickly remediate any errors
    • View logs to understand the causes of any failures

More customization capability with scripting

  • Mender Configure has a script interface on the device, so you can define how any given configuration is applied to a device. This helps to:
    • Configure devices running different operating system distributions and services
    • Configure custom application settings

Seamless device configuration

Avoid building homegrown solutions

With Mender OTA and Configure Add-on it becomes easy to configure and deploy updates to devices over-the-air, by allowing you to avoid device-server authentication and management in multiple places.

Key benefits
  • Reuse infrastructure & security credentials
  • Avoid redundancy, maintenance and cost

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