IoT device monitoring

Easily detect and analyze issues with devices, services and applications with Mender Monitor add-on package

A Monitoring solution built for IoT

Detect issues before your customers do

  • Monitor the health of your devices to ensure reliability for your end users
  • Highly configurable alerts, to detect:
    • Connectivity issues
    • Device malfunctions
    • Application, container or service interruptions
  • See device issues and logs in the Mender UI
  • Email notifications help you respond quickly before your customers' service is interrupted

End user monitoring

Real-time edge processing, designed for connected devices

  • Fully distributed solution utilizing edge processing on the device, designed for intermittent connectivity
  • Close to zero bandwidth:
    • Instead of each device sending all the metrics to the server all the time, only send relevant data when an alert is triggered
  • Reduced resolution time:
    • Instant local processing - quickly respond to environmental changes locally on the device

Traditional cloud monitoring services are not suitable for IoT devices

  • Different challenges for connected devices - IoT devices are geographically distributed and often have limited or unstable connectivity
  • Network and bandwidth costs high:
    • Traditional monitoring approaches require continuously sending all the metrics and data from all devices to the server
  • Longer cycle times to respond to issues:
    • You must wait for the device to alert the server before an issue can be resolved

Monitoring features and benefits

Edge processing of alerts

  • Bandwidth savings
  • Instant local actions

Log monitoring

  • Monitor system-wide issues such as connectivity to peripheral devices
  • Detect intermittent restarts, such as from docker-compose
  • Detect known issues with your own application based on its output

Log collection on Alert

  • See the relevant log lines that trigger an alert
  • Easily notify people directly and reduce downtime

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Customer success story

“Services from Mender were delivered in a proper and excellent manner. The functionality of Mender was clearly explained to the MacGregor project team at an early stage so they could better manage their milestones.”

Joerg Peschke, Director of Drives and Controls, MacGregor

MacGregor container vessel
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