Secure and remote access to your devices

Real-time visibility into devices to quickly diagnose and fix issues with Mender Troubleshoot add-on package

Remote terminal

  • Instantly create a live remote terminal session to a single device
  • You can easily and securely open a terminal to a device through the Mender UI

Resolve live issues with devices

  • Restart devices
  • Run diagnostics tools
  • Analyze system log files
  • File transfer to and from device
  • Access local services on device

Secure access

  • Zero open ports on device with communication authenticated and encrypted with TLS
  • Access to the Audit log with complete terminal session logged to ensure compliance and help identify root causes of any issues discovered
  • Role based access control allows you to limit which users can log into given groups of devices

Secure, reliable, low effort, and customizable

Unlike VPN and SSH, Mender's Remote terminal saves you time setting up the infrastructure, is more secure and customizable

VPN and SSH Mender Remote terminal
File transfer
Port forward
Outbound connections
Device-side restrictions
End-to-end secure
Low bandwidth
Audit logs
Access approval

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