Hosted Mender

Hosted Mender is a secure Mender Server we host for you - so you are able to spend more time on your core product while having the confidence of a reliable OTA update solution.

Focus on your core product development

Don’t spend time setting up your own server - simply point your devices to Hosted Mender and focus your attention on developing your product. Save time and money by avoiding the maintenance required from running a management server yourself - we take care of this for you.

A secure and up-to-date server

The Hosted Mender Server is securely configured for production and constantly up-to-date with the latest updates; you benefit from our expertise in configuring and running the most up-to-date Mender Server for secure production-grade installations.

Uptime and monitoring

Hosted Mender is extensively monitored and addresses the uptime requirements for running the Mender Server in production.

Our uptime status and history is tracked at

The very latest features

Hosted Mender provides all the latest features of the Mender Server, fully tested, automatically available to you. We also plan to add commercial features to Hosted Mender. If you have more questions, please read our FAQ or send us an email at

Security and uptime features

Latest bug fixes and security patches

Avoid the most common cause of compromise: outdated software.

API access logs

Detect and maintain evidence of attacks by devices or users.

Encrypted database storage volumes, accessed over TLS

Keep your customer data confidential.

Kubernetes autoscaling

Mender Server capacity grows with your device fleet needs.

Kubernetes cluster across multiple cloud zones

Survive downtime of an entire datacenter region.

Rate limiting

Stop API abuse and malfunctioning devices from significant impact.

Commercial features

Device filtering

Hosted Mender-only feature to filter devices on Artifact installed, MAC address or any other inventory attribute.


We have a usage-based monthly pricing model, where your costs are dependent on the number of devices, number of deployments, and how much data is transferred.

You can easily estimate how much Hosted Mender will cost using the price calculator below.

Number of devices*
* max 100,000 devices
Annual deployments to all devices
Artifact size (MB)*
* estimate Artifact size based on the size of your gzipped image
One-time price items
Monthly price items
$0 Activation fee
$0 Monthly device fee
$0 Device deployment fee
$0 Data transfer + storage fee
$0 One-time fee
$0 Per month
$0 Average one-time fee per device
$0 Average per device per month
$10 per month minimum fee. Visit the pricing page for more information and a full pricing breakdown