Customized for fine-grained updates of all your software and devices

Mender Enterprise is the supported version of Mender that enables all your update use cases with production grade security, uptime and scalability

The benefits of Mender Enterprise

Update all your software and devices

  • Gateway-based proxy deployments to resource constrained microcontrollers and ECUs
  • Bootloader updates
  • Peripheral updates, such as networking firmware
  • Asymmetric (single partition) system updates
  • Integration to 3rd party clients
  • Configuration and calibration of application data
  • Customized updates for containers, packages and applications

Delta updates

  • Ability to enable delta updates to reduce update payload size up to 70-95%

A scalable and production-grade Mender server

  • Proven Kubernetes templates based on experience with Hosted Mender
  • Infrastructure configuration customized for your scale targets
  • Multi-tenancy for isolating environments
  • Training for Mender server operations

SLA-backed private support

  • Our team of experts is available for any issues, any time

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