Mender Enterprise

Large scale deployments with production grade security, uptime and customizability.

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Customized for fine-grained updates and
large-scale deployments

Advanced features and the choice of infrastructure & support you need to deploy updates at scale with minimum risk.

A scalable and production-grade Mender server with proven Kubernetes template.

Custom based pricing for predictable budgeting to easily project costs.

SLA support for higher uptime and faster resolution of any issues in the update process.

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Flexibility and control

  • Self-hosted server infrastructure
  • Integrate your fleet of connected devices with any public or private cloud of your choice for full control and customization of services.
  • Choose a publicly available cloud that Mender is integrated with (Azure, GCP).
  • Allows for conformance with company policies, regulatories, security and privacy.



Reducing overhead and saving time

  • Server infrastructure hosted by Mender
  • We provide and manage the infrastructure for you so you can stay focused on developing your products.
  • No need to worry about server and IT infrastructure, expertise and support.
  • Uptime requirements as part of SLA agreement.

Video: Large Scale Software Update Management and Deployment with Mender Enterprise

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You get $120 free credit with your account, so you can connect and update a small number of test devices at no cost.

Follow our step-by-step 'Getting Started' guide, from signup to deploying your first OTA update in as little as 10 minutes.

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Advanced features and benefits

  • Robust delta updates

    Save bandwidth costs by reducing update file size by 70-90%* and faster installation over cellular networks with dual A/B rootfs partitioning.

    *Applicable to system updates with specific usage scenario

  • Phased rollouts

    Reduce the risk of fleet malfunction and lower costs due to unforeseen issues by gradually rolling out an update across the device fleet over several days or weeks.

  • Scheduled deployments

    Enable updates when devices are not in use (e.g. at night) and save support cost of manually triggering deployment.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Lower the security risk of your account being compromised.

  • Multi-tenancy

    Isolate environments – for example by test, production, customers or product generations – in a cost efficient manner. No need to setup and manage separate server environments.

  • Device filtering

    Easier to find devices by customizable inventory such as MAC, IP, Serial Number and more.

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Product Brief

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Download our Product Brief for more information about Mender and a full list of the benefits of Mender Enterprise.