Mender Open Source

Mender is an open source project, licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. Mender Open Source can be run on-premise and is free to use by anyone.

Get started with Mender Open Source

Read the 'Getting Started' pages in our docs to set up Mender Open Source

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An open source community

We decided to keep the core of the project open source in order to:

Make our software available to any person or company whose problems it will solve.

Make our software available to any person or company whose problems it will solve.

Build a sustainable open source business for the long term.

We believe that the more eyes there are, the security and quality of the code will increase accordingly.

A permissive open source license encourages a thriving community, which in turn provides a healthy peer review mechanism that closed source or restrictive licenses simply cannot compete with.

An active community means more resources, help and support is available to all. It also means more contributions to the product and to our board integrations.

To join in community forums Visit the Mender Hub

Features and other product options

All core features are available on-premise with Mender Open Source.

View the full feature list here

We also offer paid options for running Mender:

Hosted Mender

Connect your devices to our hosted server, and manage your updates through our web UI.

Mender Enterprise

Manage your own production server at scale, with customized updates and advanced features.

Support and Services

Paid support and services are also available separately, including:
  • Consulting services
  • Board integration
  • Software support