Choose a plan that’s right for your fleet of connected devices

Whether you’re starting a small IoT project or deploying updates to hundreds or thousands of devices, we’ve got you covered!

Hosted + advanced features
Hosted or on-premise
+ advanced features + SLA support


The basics of Mender


Small scale projects

Features include:

All the standard features of Mender

Fully API based with no vendor lock-in

Client-server architecture

Intuitive web UI

Hosted + advanced features
Pay as you use


estimated for 100 devices. See pricing calculator

Scale-as-you-go commercial products

Everything in Open Source, plus:

Advanced features

'Best effort' support

Delivered as a secure server we host for you

Scalable to your update requirements

Hosted or on-premise + advanced features + SLA support
Fixed price

Ask for a quote

based on volume and contract length

Large device fleets

Everything in Professional, plus:

Delivered as hosted or on-premise

Advanced technical SLA support with guaranteed response times

Scalable & customizable to your update requirements

Feature comparison

See the full comparison of features & support, for each product tier:


Open Source



Management server

Device grouping

Rest APIs

Standalone mode

Device filtering

Phased rollouts

Robust delta updates

Multi tenancy

Production-ready server configuration

Configured for scaling

Customized infrastructure

On-premise server

Secure hosted server


Update modules

Custom state scripting

Customized install and update process


Support for system, file, application, container and package updates

Mender as Debian package

Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone reference board

Yocto integration

Support for common storage types: eMMC, SD card, raw NAND/NOR flash

Robustness & Security

Automated rootfs rollback

Full image updates

Secure TLS communication

Code signing verification

Integrity checksum to avoid corruption

Two factor authentication


Community forum at Mender Hub

Professional technical support

SLA-backed support

Training for Mender server operations

Mender Open Source

Learn more

Mender Professional

Learn more

Mender Enterprise

Learn more

Product FAQ

  • What is the difference between Mender Professional and Mender Enterprise?

    Mender Professional is delivered as Software-as-a-Service with a secure Mender server we host for you. It comes with advanced features and best-effort support.

    Mender Enterprise has the same advanced features, and in addition you can choose between the hosted or on-premise Mender server. Enterprise also comes with SLA support.

  • How do the plans differ between hosted and on-premise for Mender Enterprise?

    The on-premise Enterprise plan allows you to run Mender anywhere: private cloud (your own datacenter and Kubernetes), or a public cloud provider (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure), or on top of Kubernetes engines like Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine.

    The hosted Enterprise plan allows you to use the secure Mender server we host for you, avoiding the need for the expertise or associated costs of running a server and IT infrastructure.

  • How does pricing work for Mender Professional?

    You pay monthly at the end of each calendar month. The amount depends on your usage which is calculated based on the number of devices, deployments, and file sizes for those updates. Additionally, there is a one-time activation fee per device. You can use our handy pricing calculator to accurately estimate your costs.

    There is no obligation or long-term contract with Mender Professional, you can cancel at any time. When you cancel, you will simply be billed for any usage within your final month.

    Use our price calculator

  • How does pricing work for Mender Enterprise?

    Pricing for Mender Enterprise depends on each customer's specific requirements, number of devices, SLA needs, and more - tailored to each customer's needs.

    Contact us and we can offer you a quote.

  • What is the 'best-effort' support for Mender Professional?

    While there would be no formalized agreement to deliver a specific level of support, our staff would provide our best-effort which is subject to staff availability.

  • What is the SLA-support level for Mender Enterprise?

    Support for Mender Enterprise is a formalized agreement including coverage hours, response times and resolution times. We can tailor support contracts based on our customer's needs. Contact us to see what we can offer you.