Connected medical and diagnostics devices, OTA software updates & device management

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For medical IoT devices, manufacturers can use OTA updates and remote access for feature enhancements, remote support, and security.

Real case studies to inform your strategic planning

In this special ebook, we examine how best to plan for OTA software updates in digital product development in medical devices IoT. We showcase some real use cases where medical device and diagnostics device makers have planned for, and integrated OTA software updates into their product design. They explain the underlying strategy and execution in both cases.

Mandates and regulations in medical devices IoT

We look at the mandates and regulatory guidelines that are emerging for the inclusion of OTA software updates in medical devices and diagnostic products.

Cybersecurity planning in medical devices IoT

Finally we provide a guidance framework for planning and implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy in your medical devices IoT project.

This ebook provides an essential guide to help you plan for OTA software updates for both system and applications in medical devices and diagnostics products.

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Tags: Product, Medical

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