IoT Show: Get robust IoT devices OTA updates with Mender & 1NCE

| Security, OTA
Eystein Stenberg and Fabian Kochem introduce a seamless integration for secure, scalable IoT device updates and connectivity on the IoT Show.

In this insightful episode of the IoT Show, Eystein Stenberg, Co-Founder of and the driving force behind, alongside Fabian Kochem, Global Product Strategic Lead at 1NCE, delve into a groundbreaking integration between their solutions.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for IoT devices, offering a robust platform for secure, Over the Air (OTA) updates alongside a seamless connectivity solution. The duo provides a compelling demo, showcasing how this integration effortlessly addresses critical needs of modern IoT setups, such as enhanced security and scalable OTA capabilities across various geographies.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape, featuring insights from seasoned professionals in the field.


Tags: Security, OTA