Smart energy: IoT device management and security in product strategy

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Achieving business value from digitization goes hand in hand with IoT device management and security. In this ebook from GridX and Northvolt, we provide the essential strategy for Smart Energy IoT and product management leaders to follow.

Strategy for smart energy IoT

Energy providers and smart energy system integrators need to have a great strategy in place for IoT gateway device management and security. It has implications for security, compliance with government regulations and mandates, and for the robust maintenance of new digital products built around over-the-air software updates.

Avoid homegrown OTA solutions and get best of breed

Device management and security can easily be perceived as costs to the business. As a result, the marching order is to minimize costs, and build the device infrastructure within the organization cheaply. To build houses made of straw, so to speak. Chief Product and Innovation Officers such as Bjorn Nostdahl from security provider Gunnebo have already warned of the hassle and lost opportunity cost that comes from trying to build homegrown infrastructure such as software updating. Service providers should resist this temptation at all cost and go for best-of-breed solutions instead.

Case studies on doing OTA software updates properly

Learn from two leading energy and battery system organizations, GridX and Northvolt, who have implemented robust and secure OTA software updates.

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