Quickstart for new users of the Yocto Project and Mender

If the release date of your connected device product is a concern, we may be able to help.

If you are new to both the Yocto Project and Mender, our consulting services team can implement both your custom Yocto-based Linux distribution and Mender OTA in as little as two weeks.

This would include:

  • Yocto build customizations
  • Yocto platform layer development
  • Yocto recipe development including new packages, SOC kernels, etc.
  • Build setup and documentation to help you reproduce the builds in-house.

Your hardware would need to be supported or compatible with a Yocto platform layer (please check here to verify a compatible BSP layer for your board). The board should also be ARM-based and using a recent (v 2014.07 or newer) U-Boot bootloader. We will be able to bring up a Yocto image and integrate the Mender client for OTA updates in as little as two weeks.


Please contact us for an estimate for your project.