Automotive Linux Summit presentation slides and where to focus your embedded project costs

25th Jul 2016

It has been a busy few months for Mender! Our very own Eystein Stenberg presented at the Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo earlier this month. You can view the slides here.

While the cost-savings of over-the-air updates in the connected car is obvious, we have learned first-hand the value of connected devices in a variety of industries, including energy/utilities, digital signage, transportation, the smart home, robotics, and much more. Many embedded developers across a diverse range of industries have engaged with us on user-tests (if you're interested, please sign up here!). One striking common thread among teams working on a connected device project is the emphasis that the maintenance of their own homegrown software updater has been painful. And that is certainly Mender's goal: enable connected device projects to focus on product features and what will make their product stand out. Below demonstrates the average costs for today's embedded projects, clearly demonstrating the need to reuse components of the lower layer:

Mender's next presentation will be at the Embedded Systems Conference in Minneapolis on September 21st-22nd. Let us know if you'll be there. Please also stay tuned for a QuickStart Guide on the SDK for the Yocto Project, we plan to publish it in the coming weeks under our resources page.

Ralph Nguyen
Head of Community Development