Docker versioning and Mender 1.0.0

17th Mar 2017

Please note that as of April 5th, 2017, we made a patch release to fix this issue

When Mender 1.0.0 was released, we included a check for compatible Docker versions as part of our “up” wrapper script that brings up Docker Compose. Since the release, Docker has renamed to Docker Community Edition (CE) and adopted a time-based versioning scheme, which we had not anticipated when introducing this check.

Unfortunately, this means that the check in is successful only for the previous versioning scheme and not the new time-based versioning scheme. If you have recently updated Docker and try to run /.up with Mender 1.0.0, you may encounter an error while starting up the services.

For Mender 1.0.1 to be released in early April, we will amend this version check to take into account the change in Docker’s versioning scheme - however, in the meantime you can bypass the check with no adverse effects by commenting out line 7 in the ‘up’ script like so:

# ./verify-docker-versions