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Introducing the tutorial category on Mender Hub

We are excited to announce the tutorials category on Mender Hub which is another community project launched by

Mender Hub is our community platform and so far we had two primary categories:

  • General discussions
    • This is for feature requests, feedback about the Mender project, help requests and more.
  • Board integrations
    • This is the place to find resources for integrating Mender to different boards and operating systems. Our goal is to enable OTA updates with Mender on every board and OS!

We are very proud of the board integrations category, which is largely driven by community contributions and has resulted in more than 45 board integrations on various Linux distributions and build systems such as Yocto Project, Buildroot, OpenWrt, Raspbian and more.

The motivation behind tutorials is based on surveys and community feedback, and it is clear that users want more content in the form of simple step by step tutorials. We listened, reacted and extended!

The tutorials is currently split in two sub-category, which are covered in more detail below.

Yocto Project

The intention of the Yocto Project category is to share tutorials on Yocto Project common practices. The tutorials in this category should be a complement to the Yocto Project Mega-Manual and other official resources from the Yocto Project.

This category is not specific to, and focuses solely on usage of the Yocto Project on embedded Linux devices. The Yocto Project provides great value to our project and we have been using it as our primary platform for device integrations, and this is our way of giving back to the greater Yocto Project community.

Highlighted topics:

There is no shortage of ideas for content and we have written down a shortlist, which you can find here


This category is an extension to and other resources we have about Mender. The tutorials in this category are use-case driven targeting specific environments, while our other resources are more generic.

Highlighted topics:


We have created an initial set of tutorials, and we are committed to keep sharing tutorials moving forward. But we are also launching this as a community project where we aspire for contributions from our community members to leverage the knowledge of many instead of a few.

There are many benefits of sharing with a community in this form and a shortlist of them are:

  • Sharing knowledge by writing a tutorial for someone else to understand it is a personal learning journey and a rewarding one. You get an opportunity to contemplate as you write the tutorial, filling in possible knowledge gaps and in the end you will have a better understanding of the topic you are covering.

  • Sharing a tutorial with a community is an opportunity to start a discussion and get feedback from people that might have more experience or knowledge, and is an opportunity to engage and learn.

  • Sharing in an open community gives you credibility, be it code or a tutorial once you have made a contribution to an open project it is there for everyone to see.

All tutorials that are published are "wiki style", meaning that anyone can edit them, so if you see a typographical or factual errors in a tutorial we encourage you to update it ensuring that the tutorials are of high quality.

We hope that you will find the provided tutorials useful and make sure to sign-up to Mender Hub for notifications on future additions. If you are interested in joining us on this knowledge sharing journey and would like to help out, please reach out to one of the administrators on Mender Hub

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