Delta updates, phased rollouts, schedule deployments and more with new Mender editions

21st Oct 2019

We are currently in the midst of gearing up and launching our new products and services at ELC Lyon next week on October 28th to 30th, and will be there to show you exciting demos of our new commercial features.

Commercial editions of Mender will soon get new value-add features! These include:

  • Delta updates: Save up to 70-90% bandwidth and make updates much faster
  • Phased rollout: Gradually roll out an update across the devices
  • Schedule deployments: Set the start time of a deployment to when the devices are not in use, such as during the night
  • Two factor authentication: Reduce risk of account compromise on the Mender server
  • Multi tenancy: Isolate different environments, such as test and production, in an efficient way
  • Device filtering: Easily find devices by any inventory attribute

Come see us in Lyon and learn more!