Mender 2.4 on-premise released: New automation features

22nd Jul 2020

We are excited to release on-premise editions of Mender 2.4.0 and 2.3.1!

Mender 2.4 comes with these brand new improvements:

  • Automatic assignment of robust delta updates
  • Automatic retry of failed device deployments
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Dynamic groups
  • Software distribution overview
  • Improved device filtering
  • Smaller and simpler server

The new improvements in Mender 2.4 have already been released to hosted Mender plans recently, and we encourage you to read the full blog post as these features are now available for users of Mender on-premise installations as well!

Try it out

Mender 2.4 on-premise has its own versioned 2.4 documentation where you can read more about the features for this release.

To try Mender 2.4 Open Source, follow demo installation for Open Source.

If you are planning for production follow the Production installation tutorial, which covers both Open Source and Enterprise editions of Mender.

To upgrade to Mender 2.4 follow the Upgrading tutorial.

For Mender 2.3.1, follow the Upgrading tutorial of the 2.3 documentation.


Please see the following pages for a full list of changes for these releases:

Support for your board

If you are new to OTA updates, or lack time to integrate the Mender client with your specific board for robust A/B system updates, several resources are available to you:

The Board Integrations category in Mender Hub is a community site to contribute, reuse and maintain Mender board integrations.

We are happy to help with consulting services to ensure verified Mender support for your board.

Share your feedback

We would love your general feedback on Mender, whether positive or in need for improvement, in the Mender Hub General Discussions forum. Your continued feedback helps Mender meet your needs even better in the future!

If you believe you have encountered a bug, please submit your report at the Mender JIRA issue tracker.

We hope you enjoy all the new features, and we look forward to hearing from you!