Mender partners with Konsulko Group to deliver robust and secure software updates is excited to partner with Konsulko Group, a team of embedded Linux and Open Source Software community and industry veterans and provide their customers with an out-of-the-box OTA solution integrated into their products. This enables Konsulko’s customers the ability to securely manage and deploy software updates remotely anywhere in the world. This allows for faster bug and vulnerability fixes making their connected devices more secure. “Several projects have already been completed by Konsulko’s customers using Mender, and this partnership will further accelerate the adoption of OTA software updates”, says John Lehmann, Marketing Director at Konsulko.

With the advent of IoT and the proliferation of connected embedded devices across a variety of industry verticals, one of the biggest challenges in developing competitive products is the ability to efficiently deliver remote application updates, while ensuring industry best practices in security and robustness. Due to the scale of connected devices and the increase in vulnerabilities that have affected devices across all embedded markets, support for OTA updates has become a mandatory requirement for providers of IoT devices. An update mechanism requires attention to operational and security nuances. Being always up-to-date is crucial to a product’s reputation and end-user satisfaction given the potential repercussions of a ‘bricked’ or compromised product. With Mender, Konsulko's customers can be assured they have been provided with a software update solution that takes these issues very seriously and delivers on that promise.

Read more on Konsulko Group’s blog.

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