Mender documentation improvements

To improve usability and make documentation more easily accessible, we have made several improvements to the Mender documentation.

New user experience

The documentation site now has a new user experience design, which will make it easier to work with. Documentation for older versions of Mender has been moved to a separate archive site and the default documentation version is now the version running on hosted Mender, while the last on-premise version is also available.

Searching the documentation is now also much faster.

Easier navigation with new information architecture

The documentation information architecture has been updated to make it easier to navigate and find related content.

The first chapters are introductory, for people new to Mender, and it gradually covers more advanced topics further down. New content has also been created along the way, with major improvements to Get started, Overview and Artifact creation.

Easier server integration with separate API docs site

The Mender API documentation has been separated into its own documentation site and is now based on the popular Slate API documentation framework.

Not only will it make it much easier to navigate the API documentation, but code snippets for integrating with all the Mender server APIs are available for the most popular languages like Python, Node.JS and shell.

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