Mender announces new partnership with Unikie

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Unikie. This partnership will enable key parts of secure device lifecycle management for Unikie's end customers resulting in faster time to market for their connected products.

Unikie is a Finnish forerunner in intelligent, real-time decision-making applications for vehicles, cars and industry. The Tampere-headquartered company develops technology that connects sensor data with steering and decision-making based on constant awareness over secure connections. Additionally, it offers consultation for developing customer-specific solutions.


Unikie’s technology enables the combination of data from different sources and deriving information from this data. This information is then used in decision-making to enable real-time steering of devices and processes. With the help of artificial intelligence, technology makes it possible to, for example, remotely steer and park a car without a driver.

As to industrial process lines, Unikie’s technology enables constant, monitored steering of the process line. Its technology is developed to unite people, processes, and vehicles safely and in real time using AI, and as such ensuring secure data traffic is one of its core areas of product development. When a large amount of sensor data is connected over a data communications network, one must also create opportunities for secure data transfer. The integrity and reliability of network traffic are absolute necessities.

Importance of Mender for Unikie

Mender’s REST APIs and security-by-design architecture provides critical tooling for Unikie’s holistic service design approach. Specifically, Mender helps Unikie’s end customers to put the key parts of device lifecycle management in place more quickly.

Device lifecycle management includes provisioning and deployment of software updates, device configuration & troubleshooting; remote device management; and integration with public clouds such as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Amazon AWS IoT Core .

Markus Jakobsson, Chief Business Officer, Connectivity Business Unit, Unikie, explains the rationale behind the selection of Mender as a partner: “Unikie is a best of breed service provider that brings all the elements together for rapid IoT device development. In this case with Mender, the end customer can put device lifecycle management processes in place more quickly and get their product out to the market faster.” Markus continues “Our end customers want to make their products connected and to gather the data to get key insights to inform decision making. Reliable OTA software updates and device configuration are essential as part of this process of machine data collection, transfer and analysis.”

Markus has also been interviewed in the Device Chronicle on the demand for connected products and advanced AI and autonomy-based services in different industries. Read the article here .

Trond Hermansen, Head of Partnerships, Mender, explains the strategic value of partnering with Unikie: "When we are looking for potential partners we focus on finding companies that have the ability to provide exceptional value to our customers. In Unikie, we have a partner who not only ticks that box, but also shares our perspective on honesty and transparency as key parts of business culture. Mender users will now be able to benefit from Unikie's global footprint and a growing number of software professionals covering all aspects of embedded software development."

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