IoT device management in Operational Technology: where cloud & AI improves productivity

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Cloud and IoT integrations are propelling manufacturers forward, including an aluminum foil rolling machine manufacturer embarking on their digital journey.

Operational Technology and data-driven insights

In Operational Technology the new digital workflows are collecting data from machine processes and moving it to the cloud for analysis, so that new insights can be used to support better decision making. A robust and secure IoT infrastructure is needed to administer the gateways and controllers that collect the data from the machines and sensors involved in the production process. The gateways need software updates, remote logging and configuration management. Without these, the process data cannot be guaranteed – the chain could be broken from the process in the field to the analysis in the cloud back in the corporate command center.

OTA software updates for gateway devices

Mender supports major manufacturers in Operational Technology with OTA software updates for the key gateway devices that are feeding their cloud and data platforms. We took some time to speak to Achenbach’s Director of Digital Solutions Roger Feist and his technology provider Rolf Wutzke from cloud solutions provider Sotec. They told us about what digital has done to progress Achenbach’s business. Sotec is also a technology partner of Mender; Mender provides OTA software updating capabilities to Sotec’s IoT gateway devices.

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