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A secure Mender Server we host for you — so you can spend more time on your core product while having the confidence of a reliable OTA update solution.

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A secure and up-to-date hosted management server

Reduce overhead

Deploy without the need for the expertise and associated costs of running a server and IT infrastructure.

Scale as you grow

Scale more quickly and easily than if you had to scale your own infrastructure. Suitable when your device fleet size is challenging to predict.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use. Budget effectively by having better control of your resources and expenses.

Best effort support

Our experienced technical staff can solve any problems you have in a reasonable timeframe.

Video: an introduction to Mender Professional

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You get $120 free credit with your account, so you can connect and update a small number of test devices at no cost.

Follow our step-by-step 'Getting Started' guide, from signup to deploying your first OTA update in as little as 10 minutes.

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Mender Professional has a usage-based, monthly pricing model. Your costs are dependent on number of devices, number of deployments and how much data is transferred. Billing is monthly, you can cancel at any time.

Sample price

Pay as you use


estimated for 100 devices.

See the pricing calculator for an accurate estimate based on your needs.


Scale-as-you-go commercial products

Advanced features and benefits

  • Robust delta updates

    Save bandwidth costs by reducing update file size by 70-90%* and faster installation over cellular networks with dual A/B rootfs partitioning.

    *Applicable to system updates with specific usage scenario

  • Phased rollouts

    Reduce the risk of fleet malfunction and lower costs due to unforeseen issues by gradually rolling out an update across the device fleet over several days or weeks.

  • Scheduled deployments

    Enable updates when devices are not in use (e.g. at night) and save support cost of manually triggering deployment.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Lower the security risk of your account being compromised.

  • Multi-tenancy

    Isolate environments – for example by test, production, customers or product generations – in a cost efficient manner. No need to setup and manage separate server environments.

  • Device filtering

    Easier to find devices by customizable inventory such as MAC, IP, Serial Number and more.

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Based on our offer of $120 free credit in the first 12 months.
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Product Brief

Mender Professional: a secure, up-to-date hosted management server

The advantages of using a hosted updated management server for your IoT updates.