How to leverage over-the-air software updates to gain competitive advantage in IoT

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This white paper is for IoT ecosystem contributors in need of an OTA software solution in their products. With the proliferation of embedded devices across a variety of industries, remote software updates is a requirement for effective operations.

Different industries like transportation, energy, consumer goods, smart buildings, and manufacturing rely heavily on an IoT ecosystem to get the best results. All the software in this ecosystem, from low-level firmware to high-level applications software, will need to be updated throughout the lifetime of the product.

Remotely managing IoT devices, which could be located all over the world, involves grouping and accessing, provisioning, configuring and monitoring devices remotely and securely from a central location. One big challenge in handling all these devices is making sure you can update their software efficiently and safely, especially at scale. This means following the best security and reliability practices in the industry.

In this paper, we discuss:

  • The importance of delivering software updates and explains why it has become an integral part of a company’s go-to-market strategy
  • Industry challenges with respect to OTA updates and what constitutes a successful OTA solution implementation
  • A simple model to better understand the economics associated with developing a self-managed homegrown end-to-end OTA solution as compared to using Mender as an OTA solution provider

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Tags: OTA

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