Kuva Systems case study

| Customer story, Energy
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Managing innovative edge cameras to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Kuva Systems, a pioneer in environmental technology, has transformed the efficiency and efficacy of methane emission monitoring in oil and gas operations. By leveraging innovative imaging cameras and cutting-edge software solutions, Kuva offers an unprecedented approach to identifying and quantifying methane leaks. Dive into this case study to discover how Kuva's advanced technology provides a robust, reliable, and scalable solution for tackling one of today's most significant environmental challenges.

In this case study, learn how Mender assists:

  • Managing Kuva Systems' low-cost, highly efficient camera system in the field to identify methane release locations and measure flow rates with minute-by-minute precision.
  • Accelerating device troubleshooting and remediation by enabling comprehensive visibility of the software state in each device.
  • Optimizing operations by maximizing the use of remote capabilities and minimizing the need for onsite intervention.

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