Software updates for connected devices: key considerations

Explaining the nuances and security considerations one must be mindful of when deploying software updates to connected devices, to ensure the security and integrity of devices deployed in the wild.

A key requirement for connected devices/IoT is the ability to deploy software updates. Data breaches are occurring on a regular basis and extending devices outside the firewall perimeter increases the attack surface. There are on average 1-25 bugs/defects per 1,000 lines of code. The good news is that security breaches are largely preventable. The Center of Internet Security estimates that 80-90% can be prevented through swift software updates and patching, which are necessary in order to:

  • Deploy bug fixes
  • Patch security vulnerabilities
  • Deliver new features

In this video,'s Eystein Stenberg presents a talk for the Linux Foundation on key considerations when deploying software updates for connected devices.


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