Mender White Paper Series

OTA software updates for IoT: the essentials

Smart devices depend on a secure and effective way to update firmware and software over-the-air (OTA). When it is done correctly, products scale effectively and cost-effectively to the magnitude of millions meeting both internal and external security requirements, while keeping customers happy.

In this paper, we provide a comprehensive guide to deploying secure and robust OTA software updates. We discuss:

  • Triangle of Trust™, a security-by-design principle adopted by Mender to ensure systems are secure against attack surfaces and adhere to three pillars of trust that look to protect people, devices and software.
  • Device provisioning, that includes all required steps to be executed before the end-customer unwraps, powers on and connects the device for the first time.
  • Device software updating containing steps necessary to be able to update a device with new code over its lifetime

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