4 ways to minimize IoT cybersecurity risks

26th Sep 2019

With close to 400k followers, the Twitter account named Internet of Shit is the epitome of the dire situation emerging as we stumble into a world of connected devices.

Governments around the world are waking up to a reality where the severity of vulnerable technologies grows with our increasing dependence on technology. While hackers enjoy everything from ransomware to stealing compute power for crypto currency mining, most of the world stands watching the experience like a horror movie in slow motion.

With some very basic steps, we can reduce the vulnerabilities of the world’s connected devices greatly. Unfortunately, the world of cybersecurity has become such a lucrative business that instead of focusing on the basic stuff, the industry pushes out a plethora of prevention technologies so advanced, that only the echelon of IT experts can understand the systems.

Like many other places in life, it seems that the 80/20 rule also applies to cybersecurity. With 20% of the effort, one can achieve 80% of the protection needed. Here are four simple steps that will greatly improve the security of connected devices:

All communication must be encrypted. Never use a hard-coded username and password. Scan all software for known vulnerabilities Patch CVEs

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