Mender 1.2.1 and 1.1.3 released - security updates

2nd Oct 2017

Mender 1.2.1 and Mender 1.1.3 are released!

These releases contain an important security update for the signature management feature, so we strongly advise everyone using signed Artifacts in Mender to upgrade all components (client, server, tooling) as soon as possible. Other bugfixes are also included in the releases.

For more details on the changes, please refer to the Mender 1.2.1 Release notes or the Mender 1.1.3 Release notes.

Mender 1.1.2 was an internal unpublished release. The previous official release in the 1.1 branch is Mender 1.1.1.

Try Mender 1.2.1

You can set up a test environment with Mender 1.2.1 and deploy your first update in less than 1 hour by following our Mender 1.2 getting started tutorial.


There are no compatibility implications of upgrading to these releases because they are patch releases, so it should be a straightforward process.

To upgrade from a past release, please see the upgrade documentation for Mender 1.2.1 or 1.1.3, depending on which release you are upgrading to.

Share your feedback

We are happy to continue to see your general feedback on Mender, be it positive or need for improvement. Your continued feedback ensures Mender will meet your needs even better in the future!

Volunteer-based, opportunistic help is available on the Mender open source mailing list.

For production enviornments where fast problem resolution, security and uptime is required we offer professional software support under SLAs. Software support also includes advance security announcements and help with resolution for your environment.

If you believe you have encoutered a bug, please submit your report at the Mender JIRA issue tracker.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!