Mender 2.0.1 released: Stability improvements

25th Jun 2019

We are happy to announce the release of Mender 2.0.1! Being a patch release, it includes bugfixes for the Mender 2.0.0 release.

See the Mender 2.0.1 release notes for a full list of improvements in 2.0.1.

Try Mender 2.0

Sign up for Hosted Mender, a secure Mender server we host for you, so you don’t have to spend time maintaining scalability, security, certificates, uptime, upgrades and compatibility of the Mender server. Simply point your Mender clients to the Hosted Mender server! It is inexpensive and priced very competitively with the cost of self-hosting a Mender server. You will also get a $120 free credit, which expires after one year.

Upgrade to Mender 2.0

If you are using Mender 2.0.0, follow the Mender 2.0 upgrade documentation to upgrade to Mender 2.0.1.

It will likely work to use the same document to upgrade older releases of Mender as well, but please note that the official and tested upgrade path is always from the previous minor or patch release (i.e. 1.7.x releases for 2.0.0).

Share your feedback

We are happy to continue to see your general feedback on Mender, be it positive or need for improvement, in the Mender Hub General Discussions forum. Your continued feedback ensures Mender will meet your needs even better in the future!

If you believe you have encountered a bug, please submit your report at the Mender JIRA issue tracker.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and are looking forward to hearing from you!