Mender 2022: a year in numbers


Over-the-air (OTA) software updates continue to play a crucial role as technology continues to innovate and more devices are added to the connected, smart ecosystem. From electric and autonomous vehicles to smart buildings, Mender ensures the safety, security, and robustness of devices throughout the world. As 2023 approaches, the Mender team took a look back at some impressive figures that illuminate a fantastic 2022 for OTA software updates and IoT devices!


Lines of code

The Mender engineering team wrote 190000 lines of code in 2022 to deliver new features including AWS IoT Core integration, Azure IoT Hub integration, webhook integration, SAML featured authentication, personal access token, customizable columns, device full text search, UI improvement in RBAC and configuration.
Two ecosystem integrations in [Azure IoT Hub](> and AWS IoT Core allow Mender users to manage credentials and information in one place, avoiding redundant work and saving time and resources.


Mender gateway was born with the ability to update software over-the-air (OTA) to segregated network environments often seen in industrial operations such as energy. By bringing server intelligence and local storage capabilities to the internet gateway device, Mender gateway solves the complexity of segregated network setups. To further enhance the ease of use in the complex context of IoT management, the Mender team also deployed the integration to webhook, SAML-featured authentication, and personal access tokens. Contact us to learn more about all the 2022 features, or start your free trial here!


New Mender users

This year, Mender enabled OTA updates for over 13200 new users across the globe.

This year's top use cases include:

Turning machinery into connected devices - Bühler

Through leveraging IoT, Bühler Insights platform connects plants with a simple gateway and offers individual dashboards to enable visibility into process and machine data. Bühler Insights platform required failsafe OTA, API capabilities, and real time troubleshooting and that is where Mender fits in. With A/B partitioning, automatic rollback, a well-developed API, and advanced troubleshooting features, Bühler can now assign updates securely, implement device configuration easily, and troubleshoot devices quickly.

Bring intelligent healthcare to patients - Clinomic

Clinomic Mona telemedicine device uses voice recognition, machine learning algorithms, and IoT to offer critical information on an ICU patient’s condition, enabling better treatment decisions. Existing within a highly sensitive industry with strict medical care requirements, Clinomic Mona selected Mender for OTA OS updates, application updates, and security patches to the Mona device.. Learn more about how to deliver safer IoT telehealth? Read here!


Make renewable energy accessible and affordable - gridX

As a digital and decentralized energy supplier, gridX developed gridBox, an Internet of Things device that interconnects renewables such as solar plants and storage systems to form a decentralized network of energy as a virtual power plant. OTA updates come naturally, as the on-site physical updates are prohibitively expensive and labour intensive. With Mender being anti-vendor-lock-in and capable of delta updates, gridX chose Mender as a key partner for envisioning a future with all renewable energy being connected.

Save your bill from the soaring energy prices - Quatt

The European energy crisis has driven customers' attention to hybrid heat pumps - delivered by Quatt. Quatt leverages Mender to enable remote updates and shorten their go-to-market time. With the ability to control and schedule home heating enabled by IoT connectivity, customers can monitor their energy consumption and eliminate 70-80% of heating costs! Interested in more details? Read here!

Autonomous robots enable autonomous farming - Agrointelli

Agrointelli is pioneering the autonomous farming robotic solution to replace the driver in the tractor with better endurance, precision, and accuracy. With Mender performing their full system updates, new software updates and feature releases are easily delivered to the robots. The A/B partition and autonomous rollback mechanism ensure that all the systems are operational. Curious about these robots? Read here!

From connected cars and aircrafts to buildings and agricultural devices, Mender plays a critical role in updating today’s devices. Want to learn more about Mender use cases? Visit here!


Mender Hub posts

In 2022, the Mender Hub Community thrived, with 322 new hub users registered and 1716 posts published. Among them, Kirkstone branches ranked as the top discussion with over 1.4 thousand views. Thanks to the contributions of all the members, the Mender Hub continues to be one of the most active and engaged communities on OTA software updates, integrations, and user support. Today, we have more than 240 board integrations supported! If you are eager to be one of us, join now!


Growth in Mender social media

Followers of Mender’s social media increased by 30% in 2022 with the reposts increasing by 11100% over the whole year! The best-engaged post goes to our announcement of becoming an Open Industry 4.0 Alliance member and joining the Hannover Messe event! Check the post and follow our status? Click here!



Global events

Over the year, Mender has attended 6 amazing global events with more than 60 thousand visitors, including Sensors Converge, SPS, Open Source Summit, Embedded World, and Tech.Ad. and Smart Manufacturing Experience. At Tech.AD, an event focused on autonomous driving, CTO Eystein Stenberg discussed the topic, ‘Buy VS. Build Dilemma For Technology & Autonomous Driving,’ with the automotive and Tier 1 executives. Want to learn more about the internal buy and build strategy across the automotive digital transformation? Read the article here!


The Mender team looks back on 2022 with deep gratitude and appreciation for our users, community, and larger ecosystem. And we look forward to the new year and continuing to impact our world through delivering secure and robust OTA updates.

We wish you all a very healthy and prosperous 2023!

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