Mender enables Seeed with OTA software updating for the ODYSSEY -X86

22nd Nov 2021 has established a new partnership with Seeed to provide their community of makers and professional embedded developers with an integrated OTA software updates capability solution for 4 of its hardware boards.

Seeed is an IoT hardware enabler providing services that empower makers to realize their projects and products. By partnering with technology providers from hardware to the cloud, Seeed offers a wide array of hardware platforms and sensor modules ready to be integrated with existing IoT platforms. With Shenzhen’s extensive and flexible supply chain, Seeed also offers customization and agile manufacturing services, ranging from a single unit to over 10,000 units. Seeed serves the global market from its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, with branch offices in the US and Japan.

Seeed supports the maker community and also serves the small and medium business and enterprise markets with partner solutions which combine custom boards, carrier boards and SOMs with key capabilities such as OTA software updating from Mender. The first step in the Seeed-Mender partnership is to integrate 4 key hardware boards supported by Seeed with OTA software updates.

ODYSSEY - X86 integration with Mender

The first Seeed-Mender hardware board integration released is for the ODYSSEY - X86 board. The integration is described in this tutorial below published both on the Mender Hub and the Seeed Wiki by Seeed embedded and application engineers Baozhu Zhu and Lakshantha Dissanayake. The tutorial is two-part: one covering the server integration and the second covering the client integration.

The server tutorial describes how to set up a self-hosted Mender Server on an Odyssey X86 board and then push OTA updates to other client devices running as Mender clients. It focuses on using the ODYSSEY - X86 board running the OpenWrt System by Seeed and the self-hosted Mender Server as a Docker container on OpenWrt.

Mender Client on ODYSSEY - X86 tutorial on Mender Hub .

Mender Server on ODYSSEY - X86 tutorial on Seeed Wiki .

The client tutorial describes an ODYSSEY - X86 Mender integration with support for a Yocto build.

Mender Server on ODYSSEY - X86 tutorial on Mender Hub .

Mender Client on ODYSSEY - X86 tutorial on Seeed Wiki .

Seeed application engineer Lakshantha Dissanayake has created this video tutorial to guide users through the process of setting up OTA software updates for the ODYSSEY - X86.

OTA integrations for ReTerminal, STM32MP157C and Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board

In the coming weeks, 3 further board integrations from Seeed with Mender OTA will be launched with accompanying tutorials published on the Mender Hub and the Seeed Wiki. These boards are the reTerminal, the STM32MP157C, and Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board.

Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about this partnership.