On-demand webinar with Toradex and Mender

5th Oct 2017

On September 27th, we held a joint webinar with Toradex presented by Drew Moseley of Mender and Brandon Shibley of Toradex.

Toradex is a Swiss founded and industry leading embedded computing manufacturer that provides Single Board Computers and System on Module solutions with strong embedded expertise.

The webinar kicks off with an introduction to Toradex and how they see an increasing demand for over-the-air (OTA) solutions among their customer base. Their open source focus makes a great fit with Mender and our OTA solution.

Topics covered in the webinar includes:

  • Why we created Mender?
  • Introduction to Northern.tech, the company behind Mender
  • Why is OTA increasingly more important?
  • Critical vulnerability examples
  • How Tesla helped Florida residents during Irma hurricane
  • What does robustness in OTA mean?
  • Introduction to Mender and functionality
    • Atomic update, integrity checks, user defined multi-step process, device grouping, phased rollout, built-in security (update authenticity, encrypted communication, etc.), API-driven, Yocto meta-layer, supported storage types
  • Mender OTA demonstration using Toradex Colibri

Q&A Session:

The webinar continues with an interesting question and answer sessions where the following questions are addressed:

  • Will Mender work for cloud based systems?
  • Does Mender support build-root? If not, will it do so in the future?
  • Will Mender support non-yocto systems, like Debian?
  • Is it possible for end-user to initiate or trigger the update from the client?
  • Can system reboot after an update be delayed, or subject to end-user confirmation?
  • Is there a document describing the specific yocto and U-Boot requirements?
  • If connection is spotty, can downloads be resumed, or will they start over again?
  • What commercial services are available from Mender?
  • Is it possible to run tests to validate that an update was successful?
  • What is the best way to begin evaluating Mender on Toradex models?
  • Is Mender able to deal with most read-only file systems?

The webinar lasts for 48 minutes, and you can watch it here (no registration required):