Selecting an OTA updates provider for Yocto

What should you consider in a provider for a Yocto OTA update? Your OTA software updates solution for a Yocto layer should be as non-intrusive as possible. This is a design principle that is front and center with Mender so the OTA software update manager should fit neatly into what you're building without being in the way. This will not always be the case with other OTA software update options where their systems can be very strictly defined and you have to use their system in the way they prescribe you should.

Mender is efficient for updates with Yocto

With Mender, you may have to change some small things on the system especially if you want root FS updates. But we try to keep that to the absolute minimum so that you can just integrate it into whatever you have already. If you're doing only application updates or only container updates, then there is really very little you have to do: just install the package and you are ready to go. This is a key advantage of Mender. You're also reducing the development resources required when integrating your OTA updates provider with Yocto. And you won’t run the risk of having to make a big switch into something that you weren't really planning on doing because you already have it all working on Ubuntu.

The best OTA software updates manager with your Yocto build

From POC to production, image choice may change, be ready for this

Very often, the decision to use an OTA software updater will come quite late in the process. Typically, a POC is presented and approved. The project should move ahead. You've already kind of proven your idea on Ubuntu. And then maybe you find out that you have to move the project off Ubuntu now and put it onto something else because you need to fit your OTA software update manager into this other framework. This other updater framework just doesn’t support that move. Whereas Mender just fits in with the move.

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