Yocto dunfell support released

28th Jul 2020

Today we released support for the dunfell branch from the Yocto Project. The changes to support this branch are mostly under the hood, and therefore there are no significant new features in this release.

To get it, clone the new dunfell-v2020.07 tag in the meta-mender repository, like this:

git clone -b dunfell-v2020.07 https://github.com/mendersoftware/meta-mender.git

Or, if you already have a local clone of the repository:

git fetch origin
git checkout dunfell-v2020.07

It is also possible to follow the dunfell branch directly, if you want to have the latest fixes at all times.

As mentioned there are no big, new features in this release, but there are some bug fixes and some minor feature additions. Check out the full changelog for details on what they are.