Yocto zeus support released

18th Jun 2020

The long awaited release of the meta-mender zeus branch has been released, which supports the Yocto Project zeus (3.0) branch.

The release comes with a lot of bug fixes and other changes since the warrior branch. Some of the notable changes are:

  • The Mender client component has been renamed from mender to mender-client. This applies both to the recipe name, and to the service names used together with systemctl. mender-migrate-configuration was also renamed to mender-client-migrate-configuration. The executable is still called mender, however.
  • LSB support has been removed in the Yocto Project zeus branch. Mender has a weak dependency on LSB, and now ships with its own minimal lsb-ld package. Most people will not be affected by this change, but if you see error messages related to /lib64, check out the part about lsb-ld in the full changelog for a possible remedy.
  • For boards that are using MENDER_UBOOT_AUTO_CONFIGURE=0, the meta-mender layer no longer auto-configures certain variables, such as CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET. If you see error messages related to this, look up that variable name in the full changelog to see how to handle this.

For the full set of fixes, additions and other changes, see the full changelog.

To use the branch, make sure that you use it with the Yocto Project zeus branch, and with zeus-compatible branches from other meta layers. Either check out the latest bleeding edge branch using:

git fetch origin
git checkout -t origin/zeus

Or if you want to use the stable tag, run:

git fetch origin
git checkout zeus-v2020.06

Happy building!