ISO/SAE 21434 & UNECE R155/R156 compliance for automotive cybersecurity

| Security, Automotive
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Read this guide on cybersecurity compliance standards and regulations in automotive cybersecurity, and how Mender helps you directly meet these standards.

The automotive industry continues to evolve towards a software-centered and -defined vehicle. With autonomous, fully self-driving technologies on the horizon, the industry has transformed from a kinetic, physical-focused product to one indistinguishable from the software within. In this transformation, cybersecurity becomes as important as current safety requirements, such as reliable airbags and braking hoses.

ISO/SAE 214341 is rapidly gaining acceptance as the global industry benchmark for automotive cybersecurity practices. In this regulatory overview, learn how Mender can integrated directly into vehicle software platforms and supplies the necessary evidence and cybersecurity process alignment to directly meet these compliance requirements.

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