Announcing Mender Enterprise: Enabling deployment of large scale updates with production grade security, uptime and customizability

We are excited to announce Mender Enterprise to facilitate the ever increasing demand for over-the-air (OTA) software updates in industrial, automotive, consumer, and smart connected Internet of Things (IoT) markets. We’ve been working hard to deliver the much anticipated features our customers have been waiting for.

With the advent of IoT and the proliferation of connected embedded devices across a variety of industry verticals, one of the biggest challenges in developing competitive products is the ability to efficiently deliver remote software updates at scale, while using industry best practices in security and robustness. Due to the scale of connecting devices and the numerous vulnerabilities that have affected devices across all markets, support for OTA updates has become a mandatory requirement for embedded suppliers, OEMs/ODMs, product managers and developers. A reliable update mechanism requires attention to security nuances and is crucial to a product’s reputation and end-user satisfaction given the potential repercussions of ‘bricked’ or compromised devices.

Mender Enterprise is built upon the strong foundation of the Mender Open Source project and extends the capabilities to deploy over-the-air software updates to large fleet of connected devices, anywhere in the world. Mender Enterprise delivers a suite of features and services to enable support for large scale environments. It provides options in choosing the infrastructure and support you need to deploy with minimum risk. You can run Mender Enterprise anywhere: private cloud (your own datacenter), a public cloud provider you already have a relationship with, on top of Kubernetes engines or as a hosted service by Mender.

Mender Enterprise delivers features our customers have been asking for such as delta updates, phased rollouts, scheduled deployments, and more with an easy to manage and intuitive web UI, or through well-documented APIs. Learn more in detail about Mender Enterprise and its key features here.

Mender comes in three flavors: free open source, Professional and Enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

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